Women's Final Four: Notre Dame Locker Room


Brianna Turner

Brianna Turner


On reaching the Final Four in her first season at Notre Dame…

 “I am super exited. I came to Notre Dame because I wanted to have an opportunity to play in

games like this and get to the Final Four. Now I am here in my first year and we are in the Final

Four, so it is super exciting.”



On the experience of being at the Final Four so far…


“It is a super fun experience. Last night, we had the dinner with all four teams. It was really

exciting to get to go meet all the players. Now we get to practice in a few minutes. It has been

really cool.”



On jitters to get to the game…


“I am really excited to play. We have been here since Thursday night. We finally play tomorrow.

I am super excited to get on the court.”



On what she can do the most to help out her team against South Carolina…


“Our post defense, not getting into early foul trouble and really move my feet.”


On how much she has grown as a player…

“I have grown tremendously in my defense and in my confidence level.”



On the team’s confidence…


“I think our confidence is pretty high right now coming off the ACC Championship and the first

couple rounds of the tournament. Now we are here at the Final Four – this is some of my

teammates’ second or third time here, so we are really excited.”