Relationships 101


Relationships come in all types and varieties, Personal, Business, and Spiritual, just to name a few. Here, I will give you 3 guidelines that you can utilize to strengthen these relationships and others. Oftentimes we spend more energy focusing on highlighting the negativity that we overlook the necessity of proper communication.

Communication, the successful ability to express thoughts, information and ideas and or functioning as one, is one of the most important skills to possess in a relationship. My reasoning for using the “and/or” phrase above is due to the fact that sometimes, such as speeches, sermons and lectures, there is no need to “function as one” with the other parties involved. You are the sender, they are the receivers. You primary goal in that setting would be to effectively deliver a message that can be successfully understood and retained by the receivers. For now, let us focus on interpersonal settings. Have you ever heard the old saying “If you point one finger there are three more pointing back at you.”? Parts of successful communication include the ability to present a problem and perhaps solutions, listen to another’s grievances or praises, being able to resolve conflicts and grow from the process. A few ways to build stability into your communication technique are as follows; Always remain honest, but respectful. Peacefully allow others to express themselves and reciprocate that respect when delivering your messages. Remember for every action, there is a reaction. Promote your relationship from the Me-Your approach to the “Our” method. This can only be achieved through compromise, patience, and realistic expectations.DD Walker1 (1)

We, as imperfect people, frequently have unrealistic expectations for this non-existent perfection in another. Understanding that we all have room for improvement will allow you exercise more patience and understanding in growing relationships, as well as appreciate even more when the same is given to you. Realistically, we all know every relationship will have its good days and its bad ones. If the good outweighs the bad, don’t give more focus to the negativity. Address it with proper communication, mutually work on the solution or its’ acceptance, then redirect your focus back to what’s positive. Dedication and commitment to any cause will do nothing but strengthen it. Apply this respect to your relationships.

The final guideline is respect. I view respect as an umbrella. Under this umbrella, we have all the subsidiaries of the word. Honesty, Loyalty, Trust and Appreciation all fall under Respect. If you expect it, reciprocate it. Never expect from anyone what you are not willing to give. As another famous phrase goes “Do unto others as you will have them do unto you.” Chanted throughout time, you can see how this straightforward phrase is, simply put, the core building block in strengthening any relationship.
Although there are several different branches regarding relationships that we could climb, I believe the 3 guidelines explained here are some of the main steps to positively strengthening these interactions. With the commitment of proper communication, a realistic mindset, and respect you can achieve a mutual goal of building a better relationship.

by: D.D. Walker


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