For the Lost or Missing…


For those of you who have experienced a loss there are a few things to consider when you are searching for that loved one who is considered missing. . In calling 911, your call may get a response within about 25-30 minutes depending on the city you’re in, but if your loved one has access to a cellphone, your first step in the search should be calling their mobile phone. Mobile phones all ring, or “PING” against antennae towers. There are at least 100 antennae towers in each city of the United States.When you begin to think your loved one has gone missing…call 911! But be proactive and begin to call their mobile phone number at a frequency of at least 10 minute intervals. This will create a signal hit against the nearest tower and records where the cellphone is located each time it rings.

Every time the phone rings, it emits a signal to the nearest tower. Get in touch with the ‘technical” department of the mobile carrier (See #’s Below) And “Bug” them until you get a response that is to your satisfaction. Get the app that allows you to find your phone when it’s lost as well. While this seems like a very simple method, it’s also a “Common Sense” method in helping the search for your loved who may have turned up missing. There hasn’t been any endorsements by Law Enforcement on this method and it is not as widely known as it should be, but when you think of the Polly Klaas, Story and other inspirational stories that made national headlines fr their ‘Grass Roots” aproach to finding out the truth, this method dis worth the time you put in to making those phone calls and reaching the loved one who may be missing. A.M.P.S. Magazine has listed some national phone numbers in order to help you in your efforts.We hope you NEVER have to make use of this information but just incase you do, we’re glad we can help!

National Missing Person’s Hotline (Kids) 800-843-5678

Local Police – 911
AT&T – 800-331-0500;
Sprint – 800-877-4020;
T-Mobile – 877-778-2106;
Verizon – 800-837-4966.


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