The Newest Franchise for American Minority People Succeeding (AMPS) Magazine


Last month we had a new franchisee sign up for AMPS Magazine.  We have high hopes for this new location.  We have tried over the years to get this location in the right direction but the city was not ready back then, however with this team we feel The Cleveland, Ohio area is ready for a change.  

This team that Mr. Romeo Barnes as put together is one with high hopes.  A little bit about Barnes. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and has a great love for his community. He is the Founder of one of the largest youth programs in Cleveland Ohio, Youth & Unity Stop the Violence. What started out as a community cleanup in 2012 has expanded across the city. Romeo’s tireless drive and dedication has kept his program going through out the years. Youth & Unity is a non profit entity and is funded through Romeos hands on diligence and with the help of devoted donation givers across the city. The mission of Youth & Unity is to work with at risk youth teaching conflict resolution, academic excellence, and community Involvement. Youth & Unity is committed to providing a positive, safe, fun, and loving environment for the youth by creating road blocks to keep them on the right path and supplying them with the tools to succeed. In 2016 Romeo launched Youth & Unity Water with a Cause which is a purified bottled water with a portion of the proceeds donated to Cancer Research. In 2019 Romeo was able to open his first Youth and Unity Classroom, offering finance, entrepreneurship, mentorship, etiquette and more. 

Not only is Romeo a dedicated advocate and leader to the Youth and the community, he is a successful entrepreneur with his own brand of wine he launched in 2016; Lavish Wine and his newest line Foxy Wine. With multiple business ventures on his resume including a shoe store, he is also a established promoter. Romeo is no stranger to AMPS Magazine (American Minority People Succeeding), he has been affiliated with AMPS for 8 years. Cleveland is in for a wonderful treat with the launch of AMPS in the city and Romeo Barnes at the helm. 

Please welcome Romeo Barnes to the AMPS Family and if you see him let him know that you are behind him and what he does for the community. 



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