PETE RICHARDSON CLASSIC… Jackson State (27) VS Southern University (14)

Photo by: Gilbert Anderson

The halftime show was a highlight of the Boom Box Classic, featuring the renowned marching bands of both universities:

  1. Southern University Human Jukebox: Known for their precision and showmanship, the Southern University Human Jukebox delivered an awe-inspiring performance. Their elaborate routines, vibrant costumes, and impressive musicality left spectators in awe.

  2. Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South: Equally impressive, the Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South showcased their own brand of musical excellence. Their halftime performance featured intricate choreography and powerful musical arrangements that resonated with the audience.

Both bands left a lasting impression on spectators, enhancing the overall game experience. It was a tough call to determine which band outperformed the other, as both showcased their exceptional talents.

Popularity and Attendance

The 2023 Boom Box Classic gained immense popularity for several compelling reasons:

  1. Celebration of HBCU Tradition: This matchup celebrated the rich traditions of HBCU football and marching bands, paying homage to the historical significance of these institutions.

  2. National Exposure: The game received prime-time television coverage, extensive pre-game analysis, and generated significant buzz on social media platforms, contributing to its popularity.

  3. Competitive Nature: The closely contested nature of the game, reflected in the final score, kept fans engaged and on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The Boom Box Classic attracted an impressive attendance of over 50,000 passionate fans. This turnout underscored the enduring appeal of HBCU football and the significance of this historic matchup, creating an electric atmosphere in the stadium that added to the overall spectacle.


The 2023 Boom Box Classic will be remembered as a celebration of excellence in HBCU football and marching band culture. 

The halftime show featuring the Southern University Human Jukebox and the Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South added a vibrant musical dimension to the game, showcasing the incredible talent and cultural significance of HBCU marching bands. The game’s popularity was fueled by its celebration of tradition, star power, national exposure, and the competitive nature of the matchup. With an attendance of over 50,000 passionate spectators, the Boom Box Classic exemplified the enduring appeal of HBCU football and its ability to unite communities, honor legacies, and create lasting memories on the gridiron.


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