Congo TV will offer Black Friday special to help boost the network opening!


Investors and contributing filmmakers are indeed excited about the launch of Congo TV Network. When it launches on November 24 in New Orleans, LA during the Bayou Classic Weekend of Events, most of the company’s investors and many of the company’s affiliated media contributors, including their talent rosters, will be present.

One thing that is absolutely for certain is that the partnering platforms are eager to help the network grow. Amazon has officially given Congo TV thumbs up and has confirmed that their platform will be ready to roll with Congo TV on launch date.

Congo TV Network will be offered at $60 per year or $5 per month across available platforms. Just as most companies offer extreme sales for Black Friday, Amazon will offer Congo TV to it’s users for $45/yr if they subscribe between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The sale will end on Cyber Monday (Nov 27) and the regular price will be $60 after that date.

“Having Amazon Fire on board with us is wonderful. My brothers and I have been preparing for this launch since the Summer. The sky is the limit from this day forward,” said Gerald Wright, Co-Founder & Business Manager for Eagle View Media Company, which owns Congo TV Network.

On November 24, supporters will be able to find Congo TV Network in the Amazon Fire listings alongside Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and many of the other popular streaming channels. “We are not a Netflix by far but we know this is the beginning of something very special,” said Ro Wright, Co-Founder and Director of Programming for Congo TV Network.

“Each month users will see new films and new original televisions shows appear in our network channel. We are working very hard to provide quality and interesting content,” said Kita Wright, Co-Founder and Director of Production for Congo TV. “We are ready and so is our base.”


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