Salvation was given to the world free of charge. We have never had to work or pay for it, because Jesus paid it all when He went to the cross to shed his precious blood. Jesus is a sovereign savior and He helps us walk with our God of our Salvation.Aahia

When you break the word Salvation down, it comes from the word save. Jesus said in John 5:24; “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hear s my word and believe Him who sent me has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life. When you review the doctrines that take about salvation, it helps you to understand clearly what salvation is really about. Many people have looked at salvation as being something of simple; however, salvations plays the most intricate part of walking a life of freedom to the end. We as Christians must be sure of our salvation and not doubt. Being sure helps us on the long journey that at times seems to become so heavy on our hearts and mind. With can accomplish anything we set our minds to with having the salvation of the Lord. Many times if we are not lined up with God, things we receive are temporary, but when they truly come from God, what we receive will last. The devil will make us think when we accomplish things via the world with no relationship with Jesus, that we are well on our way. The devil fails to remind us that although we are on our way, its not the way for eternity but temporal.

Salvation keeps us from being lost in the evil world and it keeps us protected by the almighty God. When we are secure in our salvation, it helps us to rest in our minds and hearts that one day we shall walk with our
Father in Heaven. Salvation keeps us seeking more of our Holy Father as we experience his great love. Seeking out salvation is like seeking out a plan or job we never intend to part from. Salvation holds us, grows us, prepares us, pushes us, leads us, direct us, protects us, and strengthens us to live a holy life. Many people today don’t realize that having Salvation in Jesus Christ can save a lot of heartache and pain from their lives.

When we have assurance of our salvation, we an run to the throne of grace. It causes our hearts and minds to change for the better and become more like Jesus Christ. True salvation will cause a person to feel sorrowful for anything that’s not like God in their life. Going to church does not bring salvation, just as going to a football game makes a person a football player. It takes commitment, change, and practice along the way to build salvation to a point of surety.

The world has said that salvation can come through many other places, but I disagree with that statement. The only way to salvation is through the blood of Jesus Christ. God gave his only son so that we can live. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb slain for our sins, which made it a way for us to receive salvation through His blood.

Salvation is available because;

-God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you (John 3:16)
-You will never satisfy God’s perfect standards without salvation (Romans 3:23)
-Jesus did something you could never do. He died for our sins (Romans 5:8)
-The only way to God is through Jesus (John 14:6)
-Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart but he wont barge in (Revelation 3:20)

Will you accept the salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ today? This salvation will give you the peace in knowing that everything you set your hands to can come to pass because there is nothing impossible with God. You become a joint heir of the kingdom of heaven and you are able to have communion with our Father through salvation. Salvation will help you to see what God has for you and what he would have for you to do while here on earth.

I challenge you today, to accept the salvation of the Lord and submit, commit to God so that your life will be brand new for 2014.

BY: Ashia Moore Gee


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