Amps- Where were you born and raised?
Tracye- Columbia, Louisiana.

Amps- You are cancer free now, what kind of cancer did you have?
Tracye- Brest Cancer.

Amps- Would you mind telling us when were diagnose and how old were you when you were diagnosed?
Tracye- I was diagnosed in January of 2009; I was 42 years old.

healthAmps- How long did you have to go to chemo therapy?
Tracye- Every two weeks for eight months and before my cycle of chemo therapy was over, I had to take seven and a half weeks of radiation treatments, which I had to go to five days a week.

Amps- When you were told that you had breast cancer, what went through your mind?
Tracye- Well in the beginning, I didn’t think it was anything because the cyst was about the size of a pea gravel and I just didn’t think much of it until they told me about the biopsy. I had a choice of an incisional biopsy or a biopsy through a needle, so I choose to have the incisional where they removed the little cyst and sent it off for tests. I had to wait for two weeks for my results to come back. In my heart, I was thinking that it really wasn’t going to be anything because it wasn’t really a big cyst and when it came back, it came back positive for breast cancer, which along with breast cancer, they also check your lymph nodes and I had twelve of those which was also positive with cancer.

Amps- How long have you been cancer free?
Tracye- I have been cancer free since December of 2009.

Amps- What advice would you give someone who is going through and dealing with not only breast cancer but any kind of cancer?
Tracye- First and foremost it’s a lot of stress but you have to have will power, a lot of faith in God in order to be able to persevere, to be able to endure everything that you’re about to go through because it’s a devastating thing in the beginning to be told that you have cancer and not knowing what the outcome would be. It’s not left up to the doctors; it’s totally left up to God because he has the first and the last say so. Everyone should get a yearly checkup no matter what’s going on in your life because the life you could save is your own. Cancer doesn’t have a gender or race marked on it so please go get tested.


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