Week 3 : Dolphins 30, Browns 24


Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase 


(Well, it was certainly a tough game offensively. Defensively you tried to get some consistency in what you were doing. It seemed to be tough on both sides of the ball out there today.) – “Yes. But I don’t have a great answer for you right now until I go back and take a look at the film, which I’ll probably have to do tonight. I’ll get to correcting the mistakes that we’re making and adjusting to get ready for Cincinnati.”


(How frustrating is it in the fourth quarter you get really what you want, you’ve got 3:14 left in the game, two timeouts, and you just need to put some points on the board to win it, and you go three and out again, which has got to be a concern for you.) – “Well, we had some pretty good drives the last two games as far as moving the ball down the field at the end of the game, and this one drive in  the game…but then there’s a lot of times where there are two-minute drives that just don’t work out and this one didn’t. I probably had a call there on second down, I busted it, which is a little bit disappointing, but we’ve just got to go back to the drawing board as far as making sure everyone knows what to do and is on the same page. We need to execute a little bit better.”

(Adam, how will you look back at your first win as a head coach?) – “It’s just another game.”

(Is there more elation or relief?) – “No. It’s just that we’re moving on to Cincinnati here fast.”

(Coach, were you surprised at how they were able to move the ball throughout the game, whether it was [Cody] Kessler or if it was Terrelle Pryor doing different things back there?) – “It’s the NFL. That’s what they’re going to do. We’ve got to do a better job as far as what we’re doing tackling-wise. We had a couple of things going wrong on defense so Vance [Joseph] was trying to correct some things. Anytime you play Hue [Jackson] you’d better be ready for a lot of stuff coming at you. You’re going to see a lot of things you haven’t seen before. He did a great job insofar as pulling us out of some awkward positions and I thought our coaching staff did a good job as far as trying to make some adjustments. The players have just got to keep up with us a little bit. We’ve got to do a better job when things are going wrong on the other side of the ball, staying on the field, making sure that we have some time of possession in our corner, we’ll win these games.”

(When that field goal goes wide on the last play of the fourth quarter, what’s your reaction?) – “It’s a new game. We’ve just got to start over. I know in overtime you want to press, but I feel like I’ve been in quite a few of them…I feel like it’s been seven or eight in the last three years. You have to really reset yourself and realize that it’s a new game. You can’t just start going back there thinking it’s going to be a two-minute drive. You have to be very selective with what you’re calling, make sure you stay within the rhythm that you had during the game.”

(What did you tell your guys after the game?) – “That they’ve got to recover quickly and get ready for Cincinnati.”

(Reshad Jones – another big day for him. He seems to come up with big plays every time he’s on the football field.) – “That guy has been one of our best leaders since he’s been here, as far as my time around him and since he came back to mini-camp. He’s really shown me what a really great defensive player looks like. I don’t know if I’ve ever been around one that good in his prime. I know I was around Brian Dawkins there, but that was later in his career. Just watching Reshad day in and day out…the way he plays, I wish all our guys played with as much effort and heart as that guy plays.”

(What can you tell us about where the injuries are at?) – “I haven’t gone in there as far as going over every little detail. They were saying that they were still evaluating Jordan [Cameron]. There’s nobody else really, that I can think of right now. I haven’t gone in there to talk to the trainers.”

(So with Jordan [Cameron], you don’t know if it’s a concussion?) – “I still don’t know. I haven’t gone in there.”

(Was Ja’Wuan James hurt?) – “No. We pulled him out.”

(So what’s the overriding emotion you have right now? Is it relief that you pulled it out or is it concern over what went wrong?) – “I don’t know if I’m concerned. I just want us to execute better. I want us to play with some consistency. We come out here in our first game home to showcase to our own fans what we’re all about and offensively we’re out there flopping around. It irritated me a little bit. It still does now…it’s bothering me a little bit. I thought our defense did a great job as far as playing hard and keeping us in the game. We’re too up and down on offense. I’m going to get that fixed fast.”

(Were you surprised Cleveland elected to kick to start overtime?) – “The way we were playing offensively, it was probably a good idea.”

(You guys had [Byron] Maxwell shadowing Terrelle Pryor – why was that decision made?) – “We’ll make decisions like that every week. Both of those guys are capable of covering most of the receivers in this league. When our defensive coaches make any kind of decisions, that’s what they get paid to do. Our defensive coaches get paid to make those decisions. I’m always going to be good with it. Anytime Vance [Joseph] tells me something, I’m going to be good with it.”

(You don’t look especially thrilled with this victory.) – “We need to play better.”


(transcribed by Michelle Stone)