How To Know if He Likes You


A Guy’s Body Language and How To Know if He Likes You

February 3, 2014

Do you ever have the feeling that a certain guy likes you, but you don’t know how to tell for sure? It can be difficult to determine whether they are just being friendly or they are crushing on you. The first thing to pay attention to is his body language. He may be nervous while talking to you so he might start brushing back his hair while smiling.
Pay attention to how he is directing his body towards you. A guy who likes you may subconsciously direct his upper body towards you. In the back of his mind he is doing this to show you that he is only interested in talking with you.
A guy who likes you tends to keep eye contact with you longer than others. This shows that he is interested in what you have to say. This is also a way for him to check out your body language to see if there are any signs that you may be into him as well.
The raising of the eye brows is another body language sign that he may be into you. Unfortunately this is a very quick sign that you have to be paying attention to.
When a guy is talking to a girl that he likes, he has a tendency to use his hands more while talking. This is so the girl he likes is getting the same understanding in the conversation as he does. Subconsciously some guys may place their hands through their belt loops or in their pockets while talking to someone they like.
One sure body language sign that he likes you is when he leans in while talking or listening to you. This shows that he is trying to learn as much about you as possible. It also shows that he wants to be close to you. Most men like to direct their attention to the general area, not just one person.
A guy who likes to put his arm around you or maybe moves your hair behind your ears is trying to show you that he wants to be as close as possible to you. If he is constantly touching your arm, touching your knee, or even teasing you by pushing you, then this is a sign that he is interested.
After he tells a joke he might look over at you to see your reaction. This shows that your opinion of what he says is very important to him. In fact, your opinion may be one of the only opinions that matter to him.
If you are noticing many of these body language signs, try to do a few back to see if he notices. Whenever you tell a joke, look over at him to see his response. When you are around him, try to touch his arm or hand. You may even want to turn your body towards only him while talking. Try to mimic some of the signs that he does to you to see if he notices. Body language says a lot when it comes to affection.