R.O.C. THE BLOCK 4th Annual Juneteenth Celebration


We are a team of young multi-industry creatives united for the solid purpose of “Reconditioning Our Communities”! We use our individual strengths to elevate toward our synergistic purpose! Each of us is an entrepreneur, but we have collectively agreed to focus and devote a certain amount of energy to uplifting the people of our communities everywhere!

4th Annual Juneteenth Festival

Saturday, June 15, 2024


Raymond James Stadium, Tampa FL

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WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS… (How it all got started)

We began with Super Bowl weekend 2021! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing at home in the Raymond James Stadium. In the midst of all the excitement, we decided to focus on the collective energy of our community to inspire economic development into small business owners who may not have otherwise been able to afford vending opportunities at the stadium!

So we created our own experience in Downtown Tampa at the only black-owned business! We started with DJs, vendors, and food trucks, and it grew…and grew…and grew…until what was intended to be a one-day event extended to a three-day weekend of fellowship!

We are committed to producing community-driven events and festivals that draw attention to the strengths of small business owners and entrepreneurs. We’ll soon be coming to a city near you!



As the multi-Industry Entrepreneurial Maven and CEO. Bolaji utilizes numerous platforms to consistently give visibility to Businesses & Creatives.

R.O.C. The Block INC. is Reconditioning Our Communities and inviting the local and global community to enjoy a block party atmosphere of live music from DJs, local entertainers, amazing food trucks, retail shopping, fun for families, & so much more!

Bolaji is the “PLUG”! Her skills in aligning customers with businesses and vice versa has made her a multi-industry leader. Bolaji strongly believes that by supporting and connecting businesses to communities across the globe on an economic level, the Global Diaspora can create an economic seismic shift.


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