JABBAWOCKEEZ are BLAZING the scene Again!


If you are unfamiliar who the Jabbawackeez are you might want to check your self.  This dance crew have been on the scene since 2003, however everyone knows them from  the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008. This group was formed in San Diego, California when 2 dancers Kevin “KB” Brewer and Joe Larot put together an world renown dance crew.

Where did they get this name you say? The name Jabbawockeez is derived from Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky, in which the titular character is a dragon that roamed the “tulgey wood” in the children’s story Through the Looking-Glass.

The crew uses their signature plain white masks and gloves to guide the audience’s attention away from individual identities and towards a unified group. Known for their creativity, one-of-a-kind choreography, athleticism and intricate synchronization, each member brings a different technique and perspective to form the original style that makes the Jabbawockeez so distinct.

Their most recent appearance was during the 2022 NBA Finals Game #5 in California. 


The Jabbawockeez have accomplished more than any dance crew before, effectively transforming the way people view dance and paving the way for new methods of musical expression.


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