Bronner Bros 2019 Summer Hair Battle


This week Bronner Bros was well represented in the city of Atlanta once again. The historic hair battle is a competition where 6 salons from across the US compete against each other to win $10,000 cash.

For the first time ever, the BB Show will present “Hair Battle: Salon vs. Salon.” The battles were led by Que Barnes (Riverdale, GA), Tammie Bethelmy (Pinson, AL), Terrance Davidson (Atlanta, GA), Latonya Darnell (Hearne, TX), Ashley Payne (Winston Salem, NC), and Dr. Karen Stacks (Orangeburg, SC). The winner of the Hair Battle this year was Tammie Bethelmy, also known as “Tammie B”

She is blazing new trails and changing the hair care landscape as we know it! An international educator based in Birmingham, Alabama, Tammie B. has quickly gained industry recognition as one of the nation’s leading stylists, colorists, and platform artists. Tammie B believes that her dedication to her profession is the key to her success.

​Tammie B pushes creativity to its limits with every style she creates. She uses her God-given talents to touch the lives of everyone she encounters. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and is one of the most sought after platform artists for her color and styling skills. She also regularly competes in hair shows and showcases her creative skills on the stage. 

She appeared in the award winning documentary, “Good Hair,” produced by Chris Rock as well as BET J’s “Tears, Shears, and Beauty.” In 2018, Tammie B appeared on the reality television show, “The Look: All-Stars, alongside her mentor Kevin Kirk.” “The Look: All-Stars is a television reality competition among Top Beauty Professionals creating and transforming looks.”

She also won first place in the 2012 Legends & Youngins Hair Battle, MIBA Professional Hair Battle, and Bella Encore Hair Battle. Tammie B also coordinated Kevin Kirk’s award-winning performance in the 70th Anniversary Bronner Brothers International Hair Battle in August 2017–leading him to his fourth victory–the most in Bronner Brothers history.

​Tammie B has been a member of the BabylissPro Design team for over six years and is the Lead Brand Ambassador for KirkPro Products founded by her mentor, Kevin Kirk. Her work has also been published in a number of magazines. She walks by faith, attributes all of her success to God, and strives to live each day with courage, commitment, and a belief in herself to “Do It with Passion or Not At All”.


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