Gigi Dia, The Next Super Model/Actress


In a recent conversation, Gigi shared some interesting insights into her life and career. She mentioned her love for Asian food as her current favorite cuisine and praised Christopher Nolan, considering him the best director. She also expressed admiration for Matt Damon as an actor she finds inspiring.

Gigi opened up about her large family, revealing that she has eight siblings, making her one of the youngest. When asked about having children in the future, she mentioned the possibility of having one or two kids, leaning towards two.

Regarding her career aspirations, Gigi expressed a desire to reach a point where she no longer needs to audition, but rather receives direct offers for roles. She believes that working with her favorite directors would be a sign of having made it in the industry.

In terms of her modeling and film career, Gigi discussed her first film, a period mystery drama set in 1968 Paris. She explained that the film was inspired by a Vogue UK cover featuring the first black supermodel who hid her face on the cover to downplay her ethnicity. Gigi explored the backstory and mysteries surrounding this event in her film. In the past six years she has booked 5 films, 4 currently running in international festivals and 1 major commercial.

She began acting in 2016, and her first gig was the film NIOFAR, she played a young foreign girl from Senegal freshly arrived in France. The short film was a success. It got 21 official selections in the top film festivals in the world such as Cannes Film Festival and Sundance and won 6.

She also stars as a student during the final eloquence contest at Science Po in the movie UN HOMME PRESSEE with Leïla Bekhti and Fabrice Luccini and was a guest in the movie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE -FALLOUT directed Christopher McQuarrie. 

Since she graduated in September 2019, everything went by very fast. Once her OPT started, she booked her first major commercial for Beauty Blender and Sephora. She’s very grateful to represent the brand. The commercial promotes their new concealer available in 40 shades. From the lightest skins to the darkest ones. And for her it’s important to be part of this campaign as she believes every skin deserves to be represented.

Gigi also booked a part as a vendor on the HBO show Insecure with Issa Rae and finishes the year playing the main role in the film Eating Lisa. Eating Lisa is the story of Gamalielle, who goes on a mission to steal and eating the famous painting Mona Lisa. “It was very funny to play this to me has a French person. And I literally had to eat a picture of Mona Lisa”. The film currently runs in festival and got 1 official selection so far.

In early 2020 she played a reporter in the upcoming movie The Prom, directed by Ryan Murphy on Netflix. She worked on set with Kerry Washington and Meryl Street.

In 2021, Gigi Dia was in a national commercial for Hennessy “Dear Destiny”, with NAS narrating, the commercial premiered at the NAACP awards in march 2021 and was on cable for several months. It was also screened at the BET awards and on BET TV channel in June 2022. 

She has also been in commercials for Grande Cosmetics, PayPal, Ally Bank, Amazon and a second ad for Beauty Blender.

Gigi is part of the models for Lady Gaga’s cosmetic brand Haus Labs. She was featured in all the Sephoras accross the USA with Lady Gaga to promote the foundation and other products of the brand. In September 2023, Gigi will be part of the new ad to promote the new concealer from Haus Labs.

Gigi also touched on her journey to California, driven by her love for the weather and her aspirations in both acting and modeling. She emphasized the importance of pursuing what makes her happy and encouraged others to do the same.

When asked about what attracts her to someone, Gigi emphasized that physical attraction is important, but she values confidence and a willingness to approach and engage in conversation. She appreciates a confident and assertive demeanor in a potential partner.

As for her future projects, Gigi mentioned an upcoming French romantic film titled “Longtemps Chibaji,” set to be released later in the year. She also discussed the anticipation of another campaign featuring Lady Gaga, hinting at more exciting developments in her career.

Overall, Gigi’s journey from France to California, her passion for acting and filmmaking, and her aspirations for the future all reflect her determination and drive to succeed in the entertainment industry.

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