Parlor Social Live in Indianapolis, Indiana


”Speakeasy soul.” ”Prohibition funk.” ”Ragtime reborn.” No matter what you call @parlorsocial‘s unique sound, you’re going to want to move to it. 

Hear it for yourself at The Cabaret July 19 and 20!

Not so much ragtime revivalists as post-hip-hop ragtime redefiners, this duo takes the old-school showmanship of Cab Calloway and beefs up the catchy speakeasy jive with throbbing electronics, all the while adopting a heavy dose of neo-soul. The buzz also tells us that this is a must-see live act.” The Montreal Gazette

This Montreal duo pays homage to Harlem Renaissance with a modern twist. Their music includes an undercurrent of urban and hip-hop beats, which reveals their sound as an original creation that’s been called speakeasy soul, prohibition funk, and neo-ragtime. But no matter what you call it, you’re going to want to move to it.


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