Plea to My Brother…


It’s a shame, I know you’re feeling it. You are not to blame, although you’re thinking it. When you catch a bad rap, for what another man lacks… My Beautiful Brother, Don’t give in.

You work so hard, evidence of this is apparent. A Man apart, constantly going without acknowledgement You handle your business, as God is my witness My Beautiful Brother, This battle you shall win.

Learning to Live, many choices…some regrettable. Learning to Love, a risk so rewarding, yet so unpredictable. Do not give up, although the battle may get rough My Beautiful Brother, how exquisite is your endurance.

As you Learn, you will Grow. Inevitably, the proof will show You are a King, simply waiting on your crown. A Leader to the end. A Father and a Friend Your Courage can never be cut down.

My Beautiful Brother, You are wise and you are strong. My Beautiful Brother, I promise you it won’t be long…

My Brother…OUR Brother… Your day of reckoning will soon come…

*This poem is for all the Dedicated yet incredibly Underappreciated Men that are so often lost in the world’s preoccupation with Absent Fathers, Abusive Husbands and Repeat Felons. Although it is painfully obvious that all of the above exist, that is not ALL that deserves our attention. From my heart to yours, Thank You*

Bless you all and never forget your value

…you are cherished.

By: D.D. Walker


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