Singers slated to play roles in upcoming ‘Trap Musical Drama’ for Congo TV

As Congo TV Network prepares for it’s biggest season, the network has shown no sign of slowing down. Eagle View Media Company (EVMC), the managing team behind the new network, vowed to push the bar with it’s popular original content. The company plans to release three new shows on Congo TV Network in the month of February alone.

“We are excited for all of these new films. Our investors and partners have put us in a great place to produce some exciting new projects,” said Gerald Wright, Executive Administrative Founder for Congo TV. “We expect a huge increase in subscribers in the month of February.”

In February 2018 the company will release the much anticipated show, Masters. It’s a Reality Show about Hair & Makeup featuring stylists from 10 cities around the country. The company is also releasing Girls Nite, a new cooking show featuring popular Health & Fitness expert, Keaira LaShae (Atlanta). Another show, Chosen Generation, will feature some of the best College Choirs in the country.

Completion of the company’s debut feature film, The Palace, is expected to be finalized by mid-March as well as a new dance series called Feel The Beat.

As the company prepares to release those new projects, it is already working on a few others which will carry the network into the Summer with more new original material. One of those projects is a Musical Drama featuring Pop, R&B, Gospel, and Trap/Hip-Hop music.

“This story and this idea is magical. There aren’t many Black Musicals and we love a challenge,” said Ro Wright, Director of Programming & Co-Founder of Congo TV Network. “It’s about music. It’s about Faith. It’s about falling in love.”

Mimi Dawn’e

Mariah Hester (better known as “Mimi Dawn’e“), a popular teen artist from Shreveport, LA has been cast to play the leading role in this televised musical. She is the daughter of popular Gospel Musician Dr. Sonya Hester.

Mimi Dawn’e will play a young lady who aspires to be a Pop Singer but her mother will only allow her to sing Gospel music. A popular rapper hears her sing and develops an interest in her, musically and romantically. She discovers he is not the ‘thug’ he pretends to be. While helping her get her music career launched she inspires him to do something he boasts that he would never do… fall in love.  Both realize they have similar dreams although they come from two different backgrounds. He is from the streets and she is from the church. As the attraction between these two evolve, her mother is out to put a stop to it all.


Casme Barnes, has been cast to play Mimi’s mother in this film. Barnes, of New Orleans, LA, has sang across the country on various television shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live. She has been a musical accompanist for rappers and R&B atists including BET & MTV Award Nominee, B.O.B.  Barnes was also featured singing on a recent Walmart commercial. While Dawn’e and the uncast rapper will sing Pop and Trap/Hip-Hop music, Barnes will balance it all out with Gospel and R&B.

“This opportunity is the answer to my prayers. I am so grateful to be able to tell a story through music, which I am extremely passionate about,” said Mimi Dawn’e. “I have long dreamed of this door and it’s finally opening!”

Not only has Eagle View Media Company signed “Mimi Dawn’e” to the film deal but it will partner with KLVN Productions to produce the soundtrack for the film. Kelvin Brown (Owner) has done production for popular artists such as Dej Loaf, Oba Rowland, Payroll Giovanni, Travis Porter, Cory Gunz, and G-Eazy. He has also helped to produce the score for other EVMC projects as well, including The Golden Mic and Masters.

“I think the best thing about this film is that it is an inspiring film that the whole family can watch,” said Odessa Feaster, Director of Casting and Field Operations for Congo TV. Kita Wright, Director of Production for Congo TV, is excited to film a real musical drama. “It’s not something you see on television everyday,” he says. “We plan to make it memorable.”

“I think what’s so interesting already is how much Mimi and Casme favor. They look like they could be related in real life and their singing abilities are quite similar as well,” said Ro Wright, who is writing and directing the film along with Odessa Feaster.

Casting and Scheduling is already underway. EVMC plans to begin filming this project by early April 2018 with a film release in the Summer.


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