Your Sleeping Position


Your Sleeping Position May Say A Lot About Your Relationship

The way you sleep at night with your spouse may be a reflection of how your relationship is doing. Research has revealed what your sleeping position may have to say about your relationship reported Science Daily on April 15, 2014. Scientists claim they have discovered what your preferred sleeping position reveals about your relationships and personality.

Research which has been carried out at the Edinburgh International Science Festival has discovered what people’s preferred sleeping position reveals in regard to their relationships and personality reports the University of Hertfordshire. The research was done by University of Hertfordshire psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman. Wiseman asked over 1000 people to describe their preferred sleeping position. He also asked them to rate their personality and the quality of their relationship.

The research revealed what the most popular sleep positions are for couples. 42 percent of couples reported sleeping back to back, 31 percent reported sleeping facing the same direction and just 4 percent reported spending the night facing one another. Furthermore, 12 percent of couples reported spending the night less than an inch apart while 2 percent sleep greater than 30 inches apart.

Wiseman noted that one of the most important differences dealt with touching, with 94 percent of the couples who spent the night in contact with each another saying they were happy with their relationship in comparison with just 68 percent of those who didn’t touch. It was also discovered that the further apart the couple spent the night, the worse their relationship appeared to be. 86 percent of couples who slept less than an inch apart from their partner said they were happy with their relationship in comparison to only 66 percent of those who slept greater than 30 inches apart.

Wiseman said that this has been the first survey to examine couples’ sleeping positions. The results offer people the opportunity to gain an insight into someone’s personality and relationship by simply asking them what their favorite sleeping position is. This is fascinating and raises the interesting question as to whether or not couples may be able to improve their relationships by altering how they sleep with each other. It appears further research will be needed to clarify this point.

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