Celebrity Hair Stylist Dior Sovoa


AMPS (Deona): We are at the Bronner Brothers 73rd annual hair show here in Atlanta, the Bronner experience. And I am sitting here with Dior Saboa. Please tell our readers about your background. Where are you from and who have you styled? 

Dior: So, I’m originally from DC, but I moved to New York six years ago and in those six years I have built my career to be a celebrity stylist, of course by working hard, you know. So, one of my biggest clients is the Christmas Queen Mariah Carey. And then under her, I would say Donna Brazil, Patti LaBelle, Cicely Tyson, you know, all the major celebrity. I would say they have grace under these hands. These hands are anointed by now.  

AMPS (Deona): So, we are in special company right now. Okay. So please tell us what does it takes to be a celebrity stylist? 

Dior: To be a celebrity stylist, it takes your ego out the way. It’s not about you. It’s about the celebrity. And I see it’s a lot of these new stylists, they get it wrong. They think it’s about them. It’s not about you. It’s about the celebrity at this point in time, so give it your all. Go for it. It takes time, time, time, time. There’s going to be many of those people you’re going to get before you get to that one. Yes. That’s going to change your life. It’s been plenty of times that people told me I wasn’t good enough. Did you think I let that stop me? No. I kept it going and let them know Dior isn’t going no-where. 

AMPS (Deona): Okay. Confidence is what’s required.    

Dior: Exactly. Require confidence in yourself, confidence in yourself. Yeah. Don’t let nobody steal you from your prayer. 

AMPS (Deona): Yeah. So, who would you like to style that you haven’t styled? 
Dior: Ooh, where did you go after you style the Christmas queen? Like where do you go? I would say no. I love touching every celebrity. Anybody that I can put my hands on and show what God’s gift that I have and can get them under my belt to understand that hair care, I’m about haircare. Like that’s my main thing. So, I always wanted my celebrities to know that your hair is going to be taken care of. So, if I can get any celebrity under my belt, I’m happy about that, like I love doing everybody. I don’t think anybody is above anybody. 

AMPS (Deona): Okay. So, leaves me into a good Segway. What is your specialty? What is the trend that is going on right now? What’s your vision for 2020?

DiorMy vision for 2020 is more natural hair. I see that it’s starting to take over a little bit more, but I want to see some different natural hair trends. My biggest thing that I am known for is the texture waves. Everybody knows that when you see my waves walk down the street. Oh, Dior did those. That’s my look. 

AMPS (Deona): Okay, okay, I might have to sit in his chair. 

Dior: Oh, y’all don’t think I’m going to slay her? Oh, we are going to play some of these games. Okay. 

AMPS (Deona): Okay. So, what goals do you have for yourself? Where do you see yourself achieving in 2020? 

Dior 2020? I see myself talking to more of the youth. Um, I definitely want to educate hairstylists on what it takes to deal with celebrities and how to deal with them and to keep going because I see so many kids get stirred away because they think that they’re not doing a good job and they think they’re not good enough. And I just want to tell them that you are good enough; like I want to be that role model for those people. 

AMPS (Deona): How can someone stay relevant with the trends?

Dior:  Definitely you want to… this is where social media does come into play. You want to see what is trending by following other celebrity stylist and see what they’re doing. But I also say create your own trends because you never know. Something I always learned from one of my glam arts is that trends are reoccurring, so you never know what’s going to come about. So, keep your eyes focused and keep your eyes open to see and make sure that you’re doing what you’re supposed to do as a celebrity stylist or as a regular hairstylist. Just know that you need to read up. Always pick up magazines. Guys: always pick up magazines and always read, always read, and, if your hairstyle is state educated by keeping your cosmetology book recurrent. 

AMPS (Deona): Okay. Okay, so I understand this is your first time at the Bronner Brothers hair show with the Brown hair experience.

Dior: It’s a whole different experience. 

AMPS (Deona): Yes, Please, please tell the audience the difference between the other hair shows you’ve attended versus this hair show. 

Dior: At Bronner Bros, I get to see so much of my culture and the creativeness of my peers and not only that, I get to see union hairstylists here that are making a name for their self in the film and TV industry. You don’t really get to see that many people of color at other places, that’s in the union because it’s a hard place for us to get into. So, I’m excited to see what’s going on here. I see so many different colors, so many flips, so many bright pink, blue eye shadows, everything you see so much creativeness from our people and I’m so excited to be here about that. 

AMPS (Deona): Okay. Okay. So currently, where are you located? How can the audience reach you if they would like for you to mentor them? 

Dior: Guys, follow me on I-G, at, D I O R S O V O A. And I definitely… you can send me DM’S and everything. I reply to everybody. So just know that. Send me DM’S, ask me questions. It does not matter. I am here to be your hair guru. Okay. 

AMPS (Deona): Any last-minute advice or word of wisdom or anything that you’d like to share with the audience? 

Dior: It’s 2020. Get that money. Don’t let nothing stop you. 


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