Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Orlando Magic started off with a slow start with only 19 points in the first quarter and Cavaliers with 38, P. Banchero with only 2 shots, five 3-point attempts but all missed. 
in the 2nd quarter, Orlando offense was a little more related. They were able to score better but the defense was still not there against the Cavs.  The end of the 2nd Quarter the score was Magic 47 to Cavs 72. F. Wagner hit 2-2 three pointers, Banchero was 5 of 10 with 1 3-pointer, and M. Wagner 2 of 4 from the 3-point line. 
The Halftime entertainment was by Claudia Leitte for the Brazil Night at the game.  She performed 4 to 5 songs and had the crowd on their feet the entire performance. 
During the 3rd quarter the game got faster and Orlando fell further behind extending the gap. Banchero had 18 pts, F. Wagner 17, Carter 10 points.  The score was Magic 74 – Cavs 107. 
During the fourth quarter the area was even more hype than the 3rd. The crowd was able to get the Cavs to loose concentration and get a little frustrated and throw a couple of loose balls. 
The final score was Magic 99- Cavs 126, The top performers for Magic were Banchero had 18 pts, F. Wagner 17, M. Wagner 15, Carter 10 points. Top per formers for the Cavs, Merrill 26, Mitchell 25, and Allen with 14.


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