Erica Jennings's Pre-Christmas Gift


Erica Jennings’s Pre-Christmas gift – a powerful ballad

The Irish born singer, already enjoying a spectacular musical career in Lithuania, expands her horizons as a solo artist presenting her single “Leading Me Home” worldwide. “I sing, compose and write to inspire”, – says Erica Jennings.

A song perfect for pre-Christmas spirit    

A month before Christmas Erica gives us “Leading me Home”. A song she wrote and composed, featuring the most prominent, versatile and adventurous Lithuanian pianist Petras Geniušas and gospel choir “Hark”.

“Petras is a wonderful artist. He’s the perfect example of how one should always aspire to learn as much as possible in life”, – she says.

A simple, yet haunting piano ballad with soaring vocals and more than a touch of gospel flavor. 

“It’s about human struggle, the challenges we all face and how love can heal, strengthen and truly conquer all. Coincidentally we are now facing the largest refugee crisis of our time. Through all of life’s afflictions we must remember that love will set us free and we should not allow ourselves to be fearful or ignorant.”

When asked where home is for the singer she replies that “Home isn’t home if your loved ones are elsewhere. It’s a place to live, but it’s not home. Home for me is my husband and children, wherever we may be”.

She feels as though the song has been channeled from somewhere in her subconscious: “When I had began composing the song, it came together so fluidly as if it were “meant to be”. Sometimes, it happens. Any artist will tell you. And the feeling is pure magic”.


Erica remains true to her heart

Erica Jennings has thrived on the Baltic music scene ever since she began her professional career as a teen. After traveling the world with her parents she settled in Vilnius and conquered the market easily.

There wasn’t much competition for her then, although clearly she understands that outside the Lithuanian market there will be plenty. “But I welcome it. Competition is healthy and necessary. Different music for different tastes is crucial in music. It’s the one language we all speak. It unifies us”.

She has always sung from the heart. “I’m concerned with 2 things. Being true to myself and not letting ego destroy my art. As the great Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken””.

Nevertheless, she admits that only now after ups and downs in her life she is confident enough to reveal parts of herself she might have guarded before.